We’re all self medicating one way or another

By Tuckered 14th July 2017 0

“We swallow anti depressants like Smarties at a child’s birthday party just to get through the fucking day, and those of us who don’t secretly smash two bottle of red every night like Keith Floyd preparing a meal just as an excuse to get twatted.”

Brexiters are as thick as fuck

By Tuckered 12th July 2017 1

“We’ve gone from being the biggest empire on the globe to an annoying fucking piss head who’s just glassed the landlord, needs to leave, wants to stay friends with everyone but won’t pay his fucking bar tab.”

Aw whats up hun? Inbox me x

By Tuckered 12th July 2017 0

“I’m trying to enjoy this kebab, which, incidentally, I won’t be taking a picture of and posting with the fucking words ‘nom nom’ like some half witted uber cunt.”