Conservative Party changes product branding to CUNTS

Conservative Party changes product branding to CUNTS

6th November 2019 Off By Tuckered

On only the second day of campaigning the Tories have doctored a video of Kier Starmer, insulted the victims of Grenfell, compared the leader of the opposition to one of the most brutal dictators in history, and refused to publish a report on Russian meddling.

For me though Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Grenfell comments take the biscuit inspite of his hasty apology. Once again he’s proven just how much contempt The Conservatives have for the common man.

How dare that entitled prick even hint that he’s somehow better than the poor souls who perished. No one can profess to know the horror of being stuck in a burning building, flames licking the windows and a smoke filled stairwell as your only escape.

Does he honestly think that an Etonian background would have given him an upper-hand?

Jacob Rees-Mogg wouldn’t last two seconds in the real world. Can you imagine him in a town centre pub engaging an aggressive drunk in fucking Latin? He’d probably be in his element as he’d no doubt end up getting twatted back to 1835.

At any other point in history he’d do the decent thing and resign, as would the cunts defending him.

It won’t happen though because times have changed. We live in a cruel and harsh world now where hate and ridicule has been normalised and the victims are to blame.

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