Traitor demands Brexit extension

Traitor demands Brexit extension

18th October 2019 Off By Tuckered

It feels as though serial resigner and swamp dweller, Nigel Farage, has been campaigning to leave the European Union since before it was even fucking formed.

Now, however, as Halloween ominously looms like a nutter on a bus, he’s not interested!

The enemy of the people would rather us beg those cheese sniffing bureaucrats in Brussels to stay even longer under their tyrannical rule, rather than trusting Great Britain to get on with it.

Does he not know we survived 2 world wars?

If we can handle the blitz we can handle the troubles! Fuck the union.

The new deal might not please everyone but we voted out and we should just get on with it!

That Boris Johnson is a bloody miracle worker, and Farage would do well to start talking this shit deal up a bit. What happened to positive thinking eh?

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