Boris Johnson insists he’s not wearing a suit

Boris Johnson insists he’s not wearing a suit

18th September 2019 Off By Tuckered

“There’s no press here”

Yes there are Boris. One of them is literally filming you lying right now, and his camera is picking up the audible clicks from all the other fucking cameras you unkempt cunt.

You may as well have stood in front of that father, who just hours before nearly lost his baby daughter and insisted that he wasn’t in a fucking hospital.

“Well of course they couldn’t see you quickly sir, you’re stood in Aldi.”

That fuck-eyed Megamind advising you needs to stop letting you mingle with the rabble, because you’re a fucking liability.

Random scum: “Why aren’t you in Brussels?”

You: “hmmm…er…well…umderbing flob-a-dob wiff waff waffle”

Random scum: “My child nearly died, why are there no fucking doctors?”

You: “I’m not wearing a shirt.”

Stick to answering fake questions on Facebook Live because you’re just embarrassing yourself.

Also, whilst I’m on the subject can you and other politicians stop taking your jackets off, tucking your ties in and rolling your sleeves up when visiting hospitals? You’re having a picture taken, not performing fucking heart surgery.

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