Why not tell Alexa how angry you are about Facebook transcribing your conversations?

Why not tell Alexa how angry you are about Facebook transcribing your conversations?

14th August 2019 Off By Tuckered

It’s too late to get outraged about Facebook using real people to eavesdrop on you, and write down your vapid musings to improve its AI.

You gave up that right when you laughed in George Orwell’s face. He tried to warn you about nefarious, Stasiesque organisations spying on you by forcing cameras into your homes, and watching and listening to your every move, but you wouldn’t fucking listen.

There was no force needed. In fact, you went out and bought the fucking cameras yourselves.

Not content with your TV advertising Coca Cola directly at you everytime you asked your mate for a bump, you wanted a device to allow to verbally play the next track on your playlist too. Fuck the consequences because you’re a lazy bastard and you don’t care.

You’re probably even reading this right now on a GPS enabled smartphone that can be remotely accessed to turn on the mic or one of its 10 cameras.

Think about that for a second when you lose interest in this and decide to have a crafty wank instead.

While you’re getting your rocks off to ‘Wet grannies cum fest’, some cunt is looking at your cock and your red, sweaty, double chinned perve face simultaneously, whilst criticising your shit curtains from your smart watch footage.

You were literally told you’re being spied on by your government years ago. People went to fucking prison for leaking it but you just shrugged and put I’m a Celeb on.

You chose to exit the European Union because of millions of pounds worth of targeted ads forced on you by multi-millionaires with vested interests who bought your data.

When it was revealed that cameras in shopping centres are using facial recognition software to match you against a police database, you started quoting propaganda directly from Joseph fucking Goebbels!

So don’t you dare moan, you’ve lost the right too, and you’ll be first in line when your employer wants to fucking microchip you.

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