Boris Johnson to ban Skyrim in an effort to tackle knife crime

Boris Johnson to ban Skyrim in an effort to tackle knife crime

6th August 2019 Off By Tuckered

That can’t be right can it? Kids stabbing each other to death because they’re all swinging swords on their wireless X-Stations.

That’s because it’s complete and total bollocks. Knife crime is rife not because of Sadiq Khan, or stabby games, but because of (for want of a better phrase) massive cuts.

The same logic applies with mass shootings in America. Kids aren’t going around shooting up supermarkets because they lost on fucking Call of Duty.

Yes, games can be all encompassing emotional rollercoasters, just ask my 12 year old son when he’s grunting like a constipated trucker having a shit when playing Fortnite.

They’re killing people because their President is normalising hate by smirking when some red neck arsehole suggests shooting immigrants instead of fucking berating the cunt.

They’re shooting people because guns are easier to access than your nan’s house in the fifties.

They’re shooting people because they’re a frustrated, forgotten generation with poor access to mental health treatments they can ill afford.

Marilyn Manson did not cause Columbine, and Grand Theft Auto isn’t responsible for the hundreds of mass shootings since.

This is America’s problem and America’s alone.



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