Guy who updates US Mass Shootings Wiki page off work with repetitive strain injury

Guy who updates US Mass Shootings Wiki page off work with repetitive strain injury

5th August 2019 Off By Tuckered

Another one, sorry two mass shootings in the US to add to the list of 250+ since January. I don’t know about you you, but I reckon those thoughts and prayers aren’t working.

What America needs is more good guys with guns to balance this shit out. I mean, they can’t ban them incase the King of England tries to break in or some shit.

You know when over exposure to something makes you numb? Well I’m sad to say that’s how I am with these mass murders now.

It’s like walking through a city centre and giving homeless people money. You start off with good intentions, by genuinely trying to brighten someone’s day who’s on their arse, but after the 9th blatant smack head with a flat asks you for 20p for the bus, you just stop fucking caring.

The news readers may as well just be reeling off the names of every stranger who died of heart disease that day. It would be just as impactful.

Look. It’s easy for us to point out the absurdity of America constantly doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, or to mock them.

But this is America. Guns are ingrained in its culture like brashness, obesity, and a point blank refusal to understand irony or sarcasm, so maybe we should be making other, more helpful suggestions.

It seems to me that the perpetrators are usually far right, indoctrinated, women hating, loners with masculinity issues and something to prove.

So, here’s a thought. Keep making it easier to buy assault rifles than it is to purchase high fructose corn syrup in that God forsaken shit hole they call the land of the free, because they won’t fucking listen anyway, but, make them pink.

That’s right, bright fucking pink, and advertised by liberal, lefty, soy boys as the latest ‘cool’ accessory. There. Problem solved.

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