Doctor Joseph Mengele appointed new Health Secretary

Doctor Joseph Mengele appointed new Health Secretary

25th July 2019 Off By Tuckered

As Prime Minister Boris Johnson shudder continues to reshuffle the pack of far-right bond villains we laughingly call a government, a new Health Secretary has been appointed to replace Matt Hancock.

The vacancy has been filled by Doctor Josef Mengele, who has a proven track record in efficiency and government driven results.

A tory spokescunt said;

“The NHS needs to be pushed into a new, gentler direction. We’ve listened to the concerns of the public and now is the time to act.”

“Doctor Mengele is the perfect choice to drive our heath service forward on its new journey.”

Dictor Mengele wasn’t available for comment, but sources close to him said that he’s keen to get straight to work, and that he has “many innovative ways in which to reduce hospital waiting times.”

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