Trump risks WW3 by shooting down Iranian drone to take your mind off his racism

Trump risks WW3 by shooting down Iranian drone to take your mind off his racism

18th July 2019 Off By Tuckered

Earlier this week things got a bit hairy (for want of a better word) for President Dementia, when his old paedo mate, Jeffrey Epstein, took a break from leaping from life to life to put right what once went wrong and noncing, to be arrested.

Keen to distance himself from the perverted Sam Beckett, the jerked bladder took to Twitter to advise brown women to ‘go home’.

The plan worked and everyone immediately started talking about what a racist, turbo cunt he is and neglected his friendship with wealthy sex traffickers.

Only it worked too well. His new blatantly racist stance attracted even more toothless, fuck-brained, simpletons to a rally that would’ve made Hitler cum, as hordes of inbreds eerily started shouting ‘send her home’ aiming their vitriol at congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

Trump had a dilemma on his tiny, groping hands. Popularity was growing amongst his voters, but he’d pissed a lot of important people off.

So he had the Navy shoot down an Iranian drone earlier. Probably.

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