Keith Richards had a play about with FaceApp and broke it

Keith Richards had a play about with FaceApp and broke it

18th July 2019 Off By Tuckered

The FaceApp servers crashed last night after trying to render an image of Keith Richards as an even older man.

The power drain was so vast that Moscow suffered a complete blackout for around 3 hours, sending the capital into a state of chaos.

Company Chairman, Sergei Mosolov said;

“That crazy old rocker has cost us a fortune both in profits and assets.”

“We lost around 1.5 billion of your fat, sweaty faces which we were going to sell to tobacco companies as the after picture on cancer warnings.”

Keith wasn’t available for comment, but his old baby sitter and lifelong friend Jacob Rees-Mogg said;

“Keith has always pushed the boundaries of technology to its limits. I remember as a child he irked nanny by breaking our mangle when we were looking after him. Fun times.”

The three year old app has attracted a lot of criticism around its policy on what it does with your photos, but I wouldn’t worry, I doubt a picture of you in your dressing gown is going to appear on a fucking stock image site, you ugly twats.

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