Stop licking things and putting them back you disgusting simpletons

Stop licking things and putting them back you disgusting simpletons

11th July 2019 Off By Tuckered

The Love Island generation strikes again with its latest craze; licking things for likes.

I don’t know, maybe it’s practise for when they’re all too old and ugly to make any money from Instagram, and have to resort to licking things for fucking cash instead.

I say Love Island generation because the vapid excrement of society that constitutes a contestant apparently don’t know that Paris is in fucking France, because flicks hair, tee hee hee “It’s nuffink to do with makeup innit.”

I fucking despair for our future. The little cunts who were eating detergent pods just a couple of years ago have matured into an army of selfish arseholes, spreading their filthy mouth germs around like clap in a university dorm. Only it’s non-consensual, like spreading clap in a university dorm.

I could handle the detergent ‘challenge’, it was a kind of self inflicted pest control. Rat poison for dick heads.

But they’re getting thicker aren’t they? Why can’t they just go back to pretending they’re charitable by filming themselves giving a tramp some fucking chips?

I don’t know. Maybe it’s an evolutionary coping mechanism that’s turning everyone into self-centred, vacuous tossers to help them better cope with the far-right dystopian cancer that’s eating up the fucking globe.

Either way it’s fucking annoying. I only wrote this because one of the little bastards has just filmed herself licking sterile equipment in a doctor’s office.

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