Britain is now being represented in Europe by a bunch of puerile tossers

Britain is now being represented in Europe by a bunch of puerile tossers

2nd July 2019 Off By Tuckered

Whatever your views on Brexit, you’ve got to admit that Brexit Party MEPs physically turning their backs on the European anthem is fucking childish.

How do you think we look on the world’s stage with these infantile cunts representing us?

One of them, too irrelevant to name (I can’t be arsed Googling the prick) actually posted a video sharing his dismay at having to travel abroad.

Where did they find these fucking morons? That’s like me applying for a job as a diver then complaining that I’m going to get fucking wet.

That’s not all either, on the other extreme we’ve got a bunch of Europhile sycophants walking around donning ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ t-shirts.

Fucking stop it! I’m not patriotic in the slightest, but you’re turning the UK into a laughing stock. You’re making the US look like the wise elder statesman for fuck’s sake.

They are not representing us. They are wilfully trying to disrupt a democratic process, which is odd considering how much they bang on about the importance of democracy.

What are their future plans, putting up-turned drawing pins on the President’s chair? Spitting chewed up paper wads from pens at him?

Maybe the’re going to reflect light off their watches in his face.

Grow up you fucking morons.

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