Drowning at sea or falling from the sky, if it were fiction you’d be on their side

Drowning at sea or falling from the sky, if it were fiction you’d be on their side

1st July 2019 Off By Tuckered

You know those dystopian nightmare sci-fi novels and films, where the super-rich live in unobtainable floating cloud cities in the sky?

The occupants are the elite living a life of luxury and excess, with money and medical care, whilst the rest of the world suffers.

This concept isn’t a random idea, it’s a comment on society. We’re the cloud city, the elite.

It may not feel like that a week after payday when you’re scouring the sofa for coins, but in the grand scheme of things you’re practically a millionaire.

Yesterday the body of man was found in a garden in Clapham.

It is believed that he fell from the landing gear compartment of a plane arriving at Heathrow.

He’d been stowed away for 8 hours. 8 fucking hours with low oxygen in freezing temperatures. How desperate must he have been to escape his old life?

How desperate do you need to be to give your life savings to some cunt with a rubber dinghy, then risk the lives of your children by boarding it.

It’s not for the mythical ‘free house’ they’re given on arrival, like the demented knuckle draggers would have you believe.

Oftentimes it’s to escape from war, poverty, or brutal regimes.

It’s interesting just how little we invest emotionally in these human lives, and how their stories rarely attract the column inches.

Take one of those films though, with its great acting, writing, and a cracking score.

Get one of the Katie Hopkins bumming “free house” screaming simpletons to invest an hour and a half in one.

They’ll be rooting for the starving battle hardened protagonist, as he fights the armies of Zaveron with his merry band of outcasts, so they can get the cure for Gravmas disease from the Rageron and save the planet. Or some shit.

Show then real people though; mothers, fathers, sons and daughters dying for rights, and they couldn’t give a fuck.

It’s crazy isn’t it? People producing art to illicit emotion, cause controversy and open up debate.

It’s a waste of time though. You can’t be cerebral if you don’t have a fucking brain.

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