Put your shirt back on you fat fuck

Put your shirt back on you fat fuck

28th June 2019 Off By Tuckered

Is it hot? I hadn’t noticed because nobody’s mentioned it in the last ten seconds.

Yes, evidently it is hot. Too fucking hot, but don’t worry ladies, fat Brian will give you something to look forward to when you finish work.

He’ll have his mates with him too, anorexic Simon, or Silophone as he’s fucking nicknamed.

Don’t forget Baz either. He’ll be showing off his shit, faded tribal tattoo that he got in 1999. He’s got one in Mandarin too, on his belly. He’s convinced it says ‘warrior’ but it actually says ‘yogurt’.

There’s no escaping this dickhead weather. Armies or snow white scrotes shouting: “sun’s out, guns out”.

It’s not Miami beach you fucking cunts, and you’re not bodybuilders. You’re pricks standing outside a town centre pub putting people off their dinner.

Put your fucking shirts back on you repulsive twats.

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