‘I rape far sexier women than my accusers’ – Donald Trump

‘I rape far sexier women than my accusers’ – Donald Trump

25th June 2019 Off By Tuckered

This page, or blog if you like, isn’t what I do, it’s just a side hobby.

I’m a boring IT techy in reality, you know, one of those fat, awkward types you suspect is on the spectrum and try and avoid at all costs.

Unless you need help that is, then you just resent us when we tell you the fix – It really is switching it off an on again, we’re not just being obtuse.

Anyway, I’ve been in this satire game for a couple of years now, and I can tell you it just gets more and more difficult.

I often yearn for a return of Spitting Image, or Rory Bremner, but to be fair how can they lambast and shock in a post satire era?

We’ll just have to accept that the best we’re going to get is The Last Leg recycling Twitter jokes from a fucking week ago.

As a result of all this fuckery I usually try and steer clear of Trump. After all, picking on dementia sufferers is like shooting fish in a barrel, just ask my nan, she was properly confused when I gave her that old sixpence I found.

Actually don’t, she won’t fucking remember anyway, she’s dead.

Trump has been accused, yet again, of rape.

And here’s the mental part, his response was un-fucking-believable. It’s literally what you’d write if you were trying to satirise Trump had he have just denied it like any other past President.

He said; “She’s not my type.”

I shit you fucking not. Not his type. Not only echoing the shit gag from that far-right UKIP cunt I refuse to name, but suggesting that had she have been fit he’d have given her one, consent notwithstanding.

What should we expect from a prick who was caught on tape saying he grabs women by the pussy though? If that’s not an admission I don’t know what the fuck is.

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