Hunt woos Manchester with Special Brew, pie and spice

Hunt woos Manchester with Special Brew, pie and spice

24th June 2019 Off By Tuckered

Jeremy Hunt has been busy on his campaign trail these last few days, taking full advantage of the latest Boris scandal.

Yesterday he appeared in Scotland posing with Irn Bru and heroin to try and appeal to all four of its Conservative voters.

The day before that he turned up in Blackpool wearing full drag and attempting to sell heather on a pier.

And last week there were reports of him turning up Gloucestershire where he drank cider and murdered four women waiting at bus stops.

Today though, he’s in sunny Manchester, posing with spice, Special Brew and pie.

He’s going to spend the afternoon treating a single mother’s five children for headlice, before finishing the day off by kicking a tramp to death in Piccadilly Gardens.

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