Michael Gove denies phoning the police on Boris Johnson last night

Michael Gove denies phoning the police on Boris Johnson last night

21st June 2019 Off By Tuckered

A concerned neighbour phoned the police on Boris Johnson last night after hearing a right kerfuffle.

Obviously this non story is going to dominate the headlines, at least until everyone has forgotten about actual physical attacks carried out by MPs in the last 48 hours anyway.

Personally I don’t care about it, and neither should anyone else.

The police did a welfare check and both parties were reportedly fine, so assumptions and guesses are counter productive, especially when our leaders have so many real, proven flaws to pick apart.

The neighbour who actually called the police remains anonymous on request.

However, Michael Gove insists it had nothing to do with him, and said in a terrible cockney accent;

“I wasn’t me what done it, I swear down dead, it was that wretched Mr. Hunt fella Gov.” Probably.

Who knows, and who cares?

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