Good boy resents owner who works from home on take your dog to work day

Good boy resents owner who works from home on take your dog to work day

21st June 2019 Off By Tuckered

Ollie Smith, a dog, was really excited this morning when he saw all the other dogs on his street being loaded into the backs of cars for a day of adventure.

So excited in fact, that he spent the rest of the morning running from room to room heavily panting and wagging his tale, anxiously waiting for his useless fucking owner, Clive Smith, to rise from his stinking pit.

At around 10:38am Ollie had had enough, so he picked up his leash with his mouth and tried to rouse the fat, useless twat.

After lots of face licks and a couple of risky barks, Clive finally got up, kicked Ollie out of the room and closed the door, then had a cheeky wank before putting on his glasses and cleaning his teeth.

As he made his way to the living he found Ollie waiting patiently in the hallway by the front door.

“Not yet Ollie” he yawned, patronisingly petting Ollie on the head before heading to his laptop ‘to work’.

Ollie remained a good boy. He was resigned to the fact that the day of adventure wasn’t happening, and so, relented to just moping about the house.

But inside Ollie a secret fire of rage burned, for his owner Clive was a cunt of the highest order who eats too much and doesn’t move enough. His days are fucking numbered.

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