America: ‘Not so f*cking smug now are you?’

America: ‘Not so f*cking smug now are you?’

20th June 2019 Off By Tuckered

Well. Here we are. Down to the final two of Britain’s got Cunts.

The cuddly racist Vs the nurse impoverisher. A toss up between a man who’d fuck your missus and one who’d watch.

All that’s left now is to follow them ‘battling it out’ in this charade of a contest for the next fucking month whilst the Conservatives pretend Bojo isn’t a forgone conclusion.

Americans must be absolutely pissing themselves. Not the Trump supporters obviously, they’d probably bottle it up and save it incase the orange fuck ever nips round for a covfefe.

I mean the sane ones. Those poor twats have had to endure years of brutal abuse from us for having that thin skinned, twin chinned tumour governing them.

Well now it’s payback. Yes, some of us are well aware that Boris is a character, and no, I don’t mean like that bloke with mental health issues down the pub.

His a bumbling, wiff waff waffling clumsy cunt isn’t he? A stuttering demic bulldozing his way through life like a blind Sumo wrestler in a fucking egg factory.

No. He’s a single minded, manipulative, careerist tosser, but Americans won’t care, and the ones that do will ignore the fact for sweet, sweet revenge.

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