Liberal man pretending to enjoy the women’s football

Liberal man pretending to enjoy the women’s football

19th June 2019 Off By Tuckered

Geoff Hope, a 48 year electrician from Slough is “rooting for our girls” tonight in a series of Facebook posts.

Hardworking Hope, a proud father and loving husband, is watching the match between England and Japan.

Posting a status update he wrote;

“You know, I hate normal football, men’s football…er football. When males play the football”

Later admitting that he hasn’t seen a match “since that Lightening Seeds song.” He continued;

“It’s so delightful to see the respect that both of these sides have for each other. The sheer sportsmanship, er, mutual respe… It’s great to see all the women getting along so well whilst shooting the goals against each other in a competitve manner.”

“It puts the men to shame! Probably, I wouldn’t know because I don’t really watch football, but having two daughters I feel it’s my duty. It really is a fantastic match!”

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