Country that voted for Tony Blair three times still impressed by a politician removing his tie

Country that voted for Tony Blair three times still impressed by a politician removing his tie

19th June 2019 Off By Tuckered

Centrists rejoice! Rory Stewart is your man. Did you see that performance? Not only did he take his tie off, but he showed actual emotion, ranging for boredom to anger as well.

He’s so normal. You could tell he didn’t like that stool format either, and I really like the cut of his jib.

Yes, out of the five remaining candidates, Rory Stewart was really going for the youth vote yesterday, young, striving go getters.

A typical young aspiring Conservative voter however, tends to be a 55 year old man called Clive, who owns his own 3 bed detached house outright, and drives a fucking Lexus.

We’re doomed if that’s the best on offer. I’m starting to think I was bit fucking harsh on May.

Clueless Boris started rambling about having gay mates, probably.

Jeremy Hunt is definitely not a serial killer.

All Michael Gove wants is to serve the country he loves so much.

And Sajid Javid used to be poor ‘an that.

The more these cunts open their mouths, the more fucking helpless I feel. Last night they just cemented everyone’s fears. They are all clueless chancers with no fucking plan.

All we did learn is that jew-hating Jezza will be the target in the daily fifteen minutes of rage, straight after stretches with Mr. fucking Motivater of course, no matter who wins.

Oh, and that language is important. You can agree whole heartedly with far-rlright, racist fuckwits, so long as you collectively denounce the bad words they used.

Well, they can retrospectively denounce the bad words in this statement themselves;

You’re nothing more than a feeble collection of poor villyfying, country tearing, disability haters.

The best of the best in a stew of cunts. It doesn’t fucking matter which one of you is crowned tosser king by the well off geriatric rabble, because you’ll immediately u-turn on every single one of your empty fucking promises anyway. You self serving parasites.

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