There’s no such thing as online bullying

There’s no such thing as online bullying

14th June 2019 Off By Tuckered

More and more we’re seeing accounts of online trolls making people’s lives a misery.

Kids are literally commiting suicide for fuck’s sake.

Why? How the fuck does anyone allow themselves, or their kids to be virtually bullied?

“Oh people are being really nasty yo me online”

Cool. Put the fucking phone down then. Close the laptop.

You can’t do that with real bullying. You can’t turn off 4 lads beating the shit out of you, or some mouthy twat slowly eroding your soul with snarky comments like Chinese water torture.

But online isn’t reality. Delete the fucking post. Change your security settings – you decide who can interact with you. You have complete control.

If all else fails delete the account. Life is too short to get wound up by anonymous cunts.

If you’re not teaching your kids this then you’re failing them.

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