Rory Stewart to play himself in new Spitting Image reboot

Rory Stewart to play himself in new Spitting Image reboot

13th June 2019 Off By Tuckered

Ok, that’s a cheap shot. Rory can’t help looking like the product of Mick Jagger fucking a dropped piano.

After all, he does come across as the most sensible and well balanced of the remaining Tory leadership candidates.

He even has a few decent ideas, like the National Citizen Service, which could be a great if properly funded, and real life skills are taught. Oh, and that it doesn’t turn into some fucking Tory Youth program.

Although I’d be much happier if he just said he planned to reverse the crippling Tory cuts we’ve all had to endure over the last ten years.

He won’t though will he, because he fucking voted for most of them.

Imagine that? The best candidate that the Tories have to offer is still a massive cunt who wanted to take money off disabled people and make poor people worse off, quelle surprise.

It doesn’t matter now anyway, Boris Johnson is going to trample over all his hopes and Britain’s future like an elephant putting out a fag.

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