Greg Wallace to front new BBC series that shows pensioners what they can cut back on to watch it

Greg Wallace to front new BBC series that shows pensioners what they can cut back on to watch it

12th June 2019 Off By Tuckered

The government has decided to stop funding free TV for scroungers who are aged 75 and over.

Instead, they gave the BBC three years to decide if they want to continue offering the service for free by fronting the cost themselves.

After serious consideration, it was decided that instead of helping towards those fees, a new show will be commissioned with the earmarked funds.

Watch Well For Less, which is due to air early next year, features Greg Wallace patronising pensioners on how they can cut back on essentials, so that they can pay their license fees instead.

In the pilot episode, Greg visits 78 year old Edith from Kent.

He knocks on her front door dressed like a pound shop Peaky Blinder and grinning like Michael Gove in a toilet cubicle.

After entering the property he immediately starts shaking his head and tutting.

“Whotcha doin’ love? Free bars on yer ‘eater? You could save a score a month knockin’ that down to one! You never ‘eard of a blanket?”

He then makes his way to the kitchen.

“Edif, cam ‘ere pet. Show me what’s wrong wiv this pikcha” he says, pointing at on open bin.

“Er…well…I’m not quite sure” she hesitates.

“Wake up love! Tea bags! Admit it, you’ve only used these once ‘avent cha? You’re literally frowin money in the bin!”

When the hour is up, Wallace has managed to save Edith around £90 a year, which only leaves her £60 shy of the license fee.

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