Comedian tells joke

Comedian tells joke

12th June 2019 Off By Tuckered

Jo Brand has made a joke about replacing milkshakes for battery acid when attacking fascist cunts.

It’s not particularly funny, even in context when listening to the snippet being shared, although it did receive raucous laughter in the studio.

The stiff upper lipped far-right are absolutely furious, obviously, because humour isn’t subjective and doesn’t have any context.

If you say something, even if you’re a comedian being interviewed, you are speaking with complete honesty and obviously condone whatever it is you’re talking about.

You’d think she’d thrown a vat of hydrochloric acid over someone with the amount of backlash she’s getting from the twatterati.

I like Jo Brand. She’s an amazing sitcom writer, but I’m not overly keen on her stand-up.

Although I don’t find this particular gag hilarious, it’s still a refreshing change from jokes about periods and cake.

The best bit is the baying mob with their searing fauxtrage, all sharing pictures of acid attack victims and asking Jo why she thinks they’re alright.

“Why do you condone this!”

Yeah Jo, why do YOU think acid attacks are funny? Why can’t you be like proper comedians and take the piss out of p*kis and puffs?? Eh?

Just apologise Jo, resign from a made-up project and wait for it to all blow over.

Someone else will say something stupid tomorrow and this will all be forgotten about.

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