Dick head thinks he’s won an argument with 3 laughing emojis

Dick head thinks he’s won an argument with 3 laughing emojis

11th June 2019 Off By Tuckered

Have you ever accidentally engaged in ‘debate’ with a throbbing gammon cunt in the comments section of The Daily Express?

The scenario goes something like this; a BREAKING NEWS story appears in your feed (if, like me, you follow all news outlets for balance, and laughing at fuck-witted morons).

Then a headline something like this follows; ‘Only employer in small town filled with self-destructive twats closes’

The article, being from an online, right wing shit rag, will go to great lengths to point at that the ‘random’ closure, and the 4,000 lost jobs are simply down to lack of demand for that particular model of car, and is nothing to do with Brexit, whilst quoting the CEO who said “It’s because of Brexit”.

Some gormless prick with an England flag for a profile picture will immediately comment;

“More scare mongering fro teh loonie leftist agenda can tast the salty remaining teers now lol nowt to do wiv Brexit everone wants electric cars nowadays move on!!!!!1”

To which I’ll reply;

“Shut the fuck up you thick fucking cunt, obviously it’s to do with Brexit because the CEO said so. It’s literally quoted in the article.”

“Leftist agenda? It’s the fucking Express pal, if it were any more to the right it would be having dinner with Tommy Robison”.

And that’s when it happens. The big guns come out. A completely bollocks statement with 3 laughing emojis and ‘end of’ for good measure;

“Watever m8 youd probs blame the titanic sinking on Brexit 😂😂😂 why dont you just go and cry to Corbin its cos of electric cars end of!!!!1”

This is the point you realise engaging any further is futile. You’re basically arguing with porridge, so you just leave it and immediately try and work out what the fuck that Wish ad was for.

Gammon boy hasn’t forgot though, in fact he’s brought all friendts along and they’re all quoting Nigel Farage from 2014 and sending their own fucking emojis.

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