To all the struggling single parents out there, you’re doing a good job

To all the struggling single parents out there, you’re doing a good job

10th June 2019 Off By Tuckered

I have to remind myself of this fact from time to time.

Being a single working parent on a mediocre, or low income is fucking hard work.

When there’s no one to share the bills with, and no one to talk to when times are difficult, it can be a pretty lonely and thankless task.

Most of the time you’re riddled with guilt because you can’t always give them the things that they want, or you’d like.

You can’t always do the things you want with them either because you’re too physically exhausted from putting on a show for them so that they think everything is fine.

It’s even worse if you suffer from anxiety or depression.

None of it matters though.

Raising kids isn’t all about physical possessions. It’s about love and support. It’s as simple as that.

Kids aren’t thick. In fact, they’re very perceptive, and as they get older they’ll understand just how hard you work and they’ll know how much you sacrifice.

Without even realising it you’re planting the seeds of a decent work ethic, and you’re teaching them that nothing in life is free.

Just keep on hugging, loving and supporting them. The odd laugh goes a hell of a long way too. Who knows, they might even put you in a decent home when you can’t wipe your own arse anymore.

You’re doing an amazing job.

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