Vegans furious they can’t eat new £50 notes

Vegans furious they can’t eat new £50 notes

5th June 2019 Off By Tuckered

The Bank of England are soon going to release the new polymer £50 note.

Amazingly they’re refusing to change the manufacturing process currently used on the £5 and £10 notes, which utilises animal fat.

This has prompted a sea of criticism from furious, pasty faced vegans across the county.

Monica ‘Moonshine’ Moore, a leading animal rights activist said;

“Its hard enough as is trying to make an impact on this planet.”

“Veganism is an expensive lifestyle choice, especially when the only bank notes left to eat are filthy, decades old £20 ones.”

A spokesman from The Bank of England advised;

“Unfortunately we have no plans to produce meat free bank notes in the near future, however, we still have a vast array of meat free coins being minted that vegans can proudly chow down on”.

The new polymer £50 notes are expected to be released in October.

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