Queen BREAKS Trump protocol during Royal visit

Queen BREAKS Trump protocol during Royal visit

3rd June 2019 Off By Tuckered

He with a face like a trodden pumpkin visited our Liz today, as part of his whistle stop tour of everywhere where people weren’t, safe in the knowledge that he wouldn’t be taunted by a giant sky reflection.

Liz 2 fucked up though. She didn’t massage the cunt’s ego enough by telling him he’s so strong, handsome, or powerful.

She didn’t even bend the fucking knee, call him ‘The Greatest’, or mock Killary’s pitiful 3 million vote majority.

She even refused to let one of his miniscule claws anywhere near her fucking Crown Jewels.

President Pelican Neck is reportedly furious and is already telling FOX News what to write about England being such a stabby shit hole.

Such disrespect to the BLOTUS could literally set the special relationship back by tens of minutes, ensuring that we’ll have to wait months, possibly years before we can tuck into some bleach ridden chicken then pay for our fucking medical bills afterwards.

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