Piers Morgan rushed to hospital after suffering from an unexpressed opinion

Piers Morgan rushed to hospital after suffering from an unexpressed opinion

28th May 2019 Off By Tuckered

Good Morning Britain presenter and fanatical Trump rimmer, Piers Morgan, was rushed to hospital shortly after filming his morning slot earlier today.

After the show finished, Morgan realised he’d forgotten to have an opinion on Meghan Markle’s new shoes.

Quickly grabbing his phone, he was about to Tweet;

“Wearing Pri-Marni won’t make the plebs like you any more Megs x”

To his 6 million followers, despite the shoes costing £88,000 each.

However, the battery on his phone died just as he was about to send the Tweet.

“It was horrible.” said Sandra McCarthy, a GMB makeup artist who wishes to remain anonymous.

“He went bright red then started sweating and breathing really heavily.”

“I asked is he was ok and he said he should be fine, providing enough people knew what he thought.”

Morgan then reportedly ran out into the street shouting; “Meghan’s shoes are fucking shit!” To anyone who’d listen.

An ambulance was called several minutes later, after Morgan was found collapsed outside a Gregg’s clutching a vegan sausage roll wrapper.

Morgan’s manager has since confirmed that the star is in a stable condition and is “comfortable and back to his old self.”

Something echoed by Morgan himself on Twitter.

“So many fat people here sucking up resources like they’re a McDonald’s milkshake. No wonder our NHS is screwed.”

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