Don’t you dare feel sorry for Theresa May

Don’t you dare feel sorry for Theresa May

23rd May 2019 Off By Tuckered

This is the woman who misplaced a dossier on paedophile MPs, sent Nazi style ‘fuck off home’ immigration vans out on to our roads, made the invited windrush generation that helped us rebuild a post-war country feel like second class citizens, sacked 20,000 police officers and pushed successfully for a snoopers charter.

Yes, the blades have been out from her colleagues for a long time. They’ve attempted to oust her more than a smelly dormitory, and what was supposed to be the night of the long knives turned into six fucking months.

If she had any more holes in her back you could use her to drain pasta.

Her demise was expected though, after all, it was the plan all along.

No one wanted to negotiate the un-negiotable, to go down in history as the person who fucked the UK. Cameron didn’t, and that’s why he scarpered quicker than a pig at an Eton bash.

May was the Patsy, the fall-guy. The Tories just found the most stubborn ‘ bloody difficult woman’ they could. Someone motivated purely by self interest, and power-hungry enough to cling-on like a failed trapeze artist with one last shot at the big time.

She’s served her purpose and fulfilled her destiny, and now she’s been discarded like a used condom.

Forget Brexit for a minute though, let’s concentrate on her premiership which is just a continuation of Cameron’s.

We know about homelessness doubling, the rise of foodbanks, the use of zero hours contracts to manipulate true employment figures, and we know about the astounding levels of poverty in the 5th largest economy in the world.

And now it’s been confirmed.

The UN has just reported that there’s 14 million people living in poverty in the UK. They labelled the government’s benefit changes callous, unnecessary, and easy to reverse.

So don’t weep for that stone-hearted animated cadaver, dancing for your affections like a fat stripper on her first night, because she’s a cunt.

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