I, for one, welcome our new fascist overlords

I, for one, welcome our new fascist overlords

19th May 2019 Off By Tuckered

They say you get what you deserve, and if the majority of us, as polling suggests, would vote for Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party in a General Election, then bring it on.

If a secretly funded ‘party’ with an unelected leader, no manifesto, and no members, except for Conservative cadavers who probably think witch trials are still an excellent idea wets your whistle, then crack on.

I’ve had enough though. I’m done with it all.

Brexit didn’t just highlight divisions in this country, it completely tore off the facade of liberalism that we’ve been wearing for decades.

Who knew there was so much hate and mistrust writhing just beneath that fragile veneer of mutual respect.

That veneer has snapped off, the mask has slipped, and the worms have escaped. Each one of them clamouring to the front of the demo with £25 in their hands, ready to purchase a bottle Doctor Farage’s Cure All Tonic, or Professor Robinson’s Vitality Powder.

“Vote for The Liberal Democrats then!” I hear you shout.

“Fuck off!” I reply. “I’m not voting for a party that propped up the Conservatives and helped to facilitate some of the most horrendous policies in history, my memory isn’t that short”.

And as for Labour. Meh (loses 3000 followers immediately). My faith is depleted, there’s no direction. It’s like they don’t even want it. In this climate they should be cleaning up.

The Greens? Yeah, maybe, if I thought it would make a difference, but it won’t.

It’s too far gone. We’re talking end of days tackle here. Just look at the rest of the world, look at the US. It’s fucked.

So, I’m going to sit here quietly observing and laughing. An outsider, just watching our demise. I’ll still make milkshake memes and I’ll still slag off cunts, but it won’t change anything.

I hope you’re happy in another 10 years when you can’t afford your medication because your insurance doesn’t cover it. When your sister is travelling to France for an illegal abortion, and your son is in a re education camp because he shared this article after hacking into the classified internet archive.

You deserve it.

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