HarperCollins to release £25 bog roll

HarperCollins to release £25 bog roll

17th May 2019 Off By Tuckered

Giant fodded, country fucking, turbo cunt, David Cameron, has written a memoir to be published in September.

The hardback edition is set to cost 25 quid, or roughly the same price as a post Brexit loaf of bread.

Which doesn’t seem like great value considering “I like pigs” and “I fucked the country” won’t fill many pages.

We don’t need a reminder of your legacy Dave. Not with your pitiful hum of destruction still ringing in our ears as you turned away from your beloved lecturn for the last time, and casually walked off leaving a giant politics crushing rift behind.

You’ll go down in history as the architect of Britain’s demise all because you wanted a few kipper votes.

Chamberlain’s piece of paper will look like a fucking master stroke compared to your betrayal.

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