Jeremy Kyle is just the tip of the fetid shitberg

Jeremy Kyle is just the tip of the fetid shitberg

14th May 2019 Off By Tuckered

Did the Jeremy Kyle Show go too far shaming the mentally ill for over a decade, parading the the scum of the earth in front of us every morning to make us all feel a bit better about ourselves?

Well yeah, it’s well bad now that someone died innit?

You can’t patronise corpses. Where’s the fun in finding out if a dead smack head robbed his fucking nan’s necklace or not?

“But what the fuck are we going to watch now to see people who fuck their own cousins?” I hear you scream. Easy, The Chase.

I digress, the media fauxtrage over this is sickening. Yes, Jeremy Kyle is an exploitative cunt, but where was the condemnation when that bird with the horrendous teeth was on? It was all fun and games then.

Let’s not pretend Kyle is a one man band shall we. There’s hundreds of shows villainising the poorest in our society, normalising horrendous government cuts, and trivialising human misery by showing fat Mandy’s 55″ flat screen on Benefits UK, or some other generic shite that costs 10p and 4 cans of fucking Special Brew to make.

Turn the shit off. Read a fucking book or illegally stream the latest series of Twin Peaks (it’s fucked up but tremendous). Just stop it.

Fuck watching some wig wearing prick evict a single mother with 3 kids, or a guy so depressed he’s literally given up on life by eating himself to fucking death.

Yes, you are paying for their lifestyle choices, and yes, it makes you fucking angry. That’s precisely what this shit is designed to do.

This isn’t a true representation of people who’ve fallen on hard times. It’s the result of Producers scouring the most deprived areas to find the most shamelessly irritating “characters” around, tempting them with fame, booze, and a cheap hotel stay. If you stop watching it they’ll stop fucking making it.

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