Stop burning the north with disposable BBQs you fat wankers

Stop burning the north with disposable BBQs you fat wankers

22nd April 2019 Off By Tuckered

It’s hard being a northerner, the constant stereotyping from southerners about us all being skint, obese, gravy guzzlers, and that’s from someone who sits comfortably in all of those categories.

One of the few weapons in our arsenal of retaliation is our amazing countryside, along with the smaller risk of being stabbed and not having to remortgage for a fucking pint of course.

But people keep ruining it because they can’t go to a beauty spot for ten minutes without eating a fucking burger, falling again straight into one of those southern Nancy imposed stereotypes.

Quentin: “It’s shit up north, it’s always raining and your houses are tiny”

Barry: “Aye, that may be true, but check out the scorched earth where we bury the kids”

Just fucking stop it, unless you’re prepared to take enough gravy to put the fucker out. What’s wrong with a few butties and scotch eggs you thick fucking cunts?

Don’t you think our fire fighters are stretched enough without having to stand in Hell wearing fucking 4 inch thick rubber suits?

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