Notre-Dame to be replaced with multi billion pound Saudi funded super mosque

Notre-Dame to be replaced with multi billion pound Saudi funded super mosque

16th April 2019 Off By Tuckered

Oh the humanity, what a tragic loss blah blah blah.

Ok, it’s sad, I get it, but this outpouring of grief is sickening, fuelled by a media ecstatic in not having to talk about fucking Brexit for a day.

It’s fucking Diana all over again.

People breaking down uncontrollably: Parisians, obviously yes, it means something to them. But blokes in Barnsley getting offended by Quasimodo jokes, when the most French thing they’ve ever done is eaten a macaroon at a fucking Christmas market? Get to fuck you gormless cunts.

At the end of the day it’s bricks and mortar, wood, history granted, and blood sweat and tears. But shit happens.

Already billionaires are competing in a who’s got the biggest dick contest, throwing their wallets down with hundreds of millions of pounds inside like it’s nothing. Pocket change.

Where were the wads of cash on offer when actual people died in Grenfell?

I’m not naive. I’m not seriously comparing council flats with an historic cathedral, but surely the human cost is more than a bespoke 800 year old wood carvings?

It’s depressing how we all come together to mourn the loss of a fire damaged building, but we ignore the burning injustices right under our noses.

Had you going with that gammon net headline though eh? Let’s see how many we catch.

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