Shit stand-up comedy observations now satire

Shit stand-up comedy observations now satire

10th April 2019 Off By Tuckered

With nothing going on apart from Brexit, most satire sites, including this one, are reduced to pointing out the fucking obvious.

Whole articles are spunked out daily about cats not liking you, BMW drivers not indicating, or a cup of coffee costing a fiver.

It’s depressing, like we’ve collectively ran of stuff to say and so we’ve just raided 80’s Jerry Seinfeld’s waste paper bin instead.

“Isn’t it funny how your nan always gave you Fox’s Classic bars out of the old Quality Street tin containing the posh biscuits, but only offered the neighbours shitty bourbons?”

Is the kind of the shite filler gag you might see in a 2002 Peter Kay routine. But out of sheer desperation, with literally nothing in the news to lambast apart from Brexit, which has already been ridiculed more than Gemma Collins at a fucking Mensa meeting, we pick the bones out of it.

We’re not even conscious of the plagiarism. That shit has been hiding dormant in the back of our minds for 20 years, like that uncle Ronny incident.

So we think we’re being original when we type 200 words of bollocks with the headline;

‘Gran brings out the shitty biscuits for guests’

I’d like to apologise on behalf of all of us, but this game isnt easy in the current climate.

How do you try an illustrate the absolute fuckwittery of Parliament by holding up a mirror, or pointing out the absurd when MPs are literally doing it for you but better?

How can you make a President look stupid when he already pronounces ‘origin’ as ‘oranges’ in real fucking life?

Please, just try and bear with us, normal service should resume after the rain of nukes and we all start over again.

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