Brexiters are still thick as fuck

Brexiters are still thick as fuck

13th March 2019 Off By Tuckered

Now, going off my limited understanding, MPs have just voted by a narrower margin than the default one in a fucking MS Word document, to not collapse the UK economy like John McCririck attempting to stand up.

Wonderful. Great news, sense at last for most right minded people, but on the other hand Parliament has just pissed off a massive clunge of gammon hued, Brexit loving, simpletons, that are probably smashing up a Wickes right now looking for fucking yellow vests.

They feel betrayed like me when I was 5 years old and was promised a magic wand by my Polish nan.

It was a Sherbert Fountain. Liquorice. I’d seen a real magic wand and its raw power, and this wasn’t it.

The establishment lied to me. She made promises she couldn’t keep, and I was left forking Sherbert through burning tears of betrayal from a paper container that dissolved as easily as her deception.

This course of action could lead to chaos, rioting, looting and loss of life.

Only, it’s not legally binding is it?

So, with only 16 days left to go we’ll just simply ask Europe for an extension, only Europe already lent us that power washer three months ago, and we’ve been blocking his fucking drive for the last two weeks.

In short, Europe thinks we’re a cunt and won’t do us anymore favours, and they hold all the cards too, like a pervert on Valentine’s Day.

To give us an extension they firstly need to know what it’s for, a general election perhaps? Another referendum?

Prolonging the process, or going back to the people again would only serve to fuck off the gammon even more.

This course of action could lead to chaos, rioting, looting and loss of life.

But, Europe, tired of our shit and wanting to make an example of us might just refuse to extend Article 50, meaning that regardless of the vote today we’ll come crashing out at the end of the month like Ant after a bevy, which could lead to chaos, rioting, looting, starvation and loss of life.

Put simply we’re clueless and fucked, like a young intern at Trump Tower.

The only sensible course of action now would be to retract Article 50, forget this whole thing ever happened, and have a nice cup of tea, which could result ok in chaos, rioting, looting and loss of life.

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