‘No it’s still not ok’ thousands of LBC listeners tell their nans

‘No it’s still not ok’ thousands of LBC listeners tell their nans

7th March 2019 Off By Tuckered

Is Amber Rudd for real, I mean, it is still 2019 isn’t it, or is this just Brexit prep? Spam and casual racism and all that.

You’re the fucking Work and Pensions Secretary of the UK for the Conservative party, trying, incredibly poorly, to defend people like Diane Abbott on live radio from racism by being inconceivably fucking racist.

You are not my nan discussing that nice ‘West Indian lady’ that she chatted to in fucking Lidl, casually using language from the 50’s.

Frankly I’d expect a slip up like this from the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg, I mean, that cunt is probably still wondering why the plantation doesn’t make us much money as it used to, but you should fucking know better.

‘Water melon smiles’, ‘letter boxes’, ‘coloureds’, wrongful deportations and fuck off home vans.

You cunts have got more gaffes than the fucking Russian Oligarchs, but it’s ok, it will all blow over tomorrow won’t it, like your micron thick veil of respectability.

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