What are we blaming fire fighters for next, the homelessness epidemic?

What are we blaming fire fighters for next, the homelessness epidemic?

18th February 2019 Off By Tuckered

I didn’t watch Dispatches on Channel 4 tonight and I probably won’t again to be honest.

I don’t care what ‘evidence’ they’ve gathered about inadequacies in our Fire Brigade, I’d sooner the finger of blame remain where it belongs, firmly pointing at the government.

I’m sick to the back teeth of the powers that be getting away with fucking murder and apportioning blame elsewhere, backed up by our corrupt gutter press.

We should just scrap all of our news sources and replace them all with fucking Tory TV. That way there’d only be one thing to turn off and ignore.

Sub standard materials and massive cuts are why the Grenfeĺl tragedy happened.

If the Fire Brigade struggled on the night and gave the wrong advice, they probably weren’t expecting a tower block to be cladded in fucking dynamite.

Seeing as flats are basically concrete boxes, staying put would be sound advice in normal circumstances.

As for effort from the fire fighters themselves, I’m guessing they’re massively understaffed, overworked, exausted, and underfunded, like every other tax payer funded service.

Doctors and nurses aren’t the cause of hospital waiting lists.

Disabled people and immigrants aren’t the reason you’re skint.

Lazy police aren’t to blame for rising knife crime.

The cause of every single issue this country is facing at the minute is down to the Conservatives.

Emergency services, NHS personnel, your country appreciates you, we love you, and we couldn’t do what you do.

Fuck the government.

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