Hey Anti-Vaxxers there’s bacteria in your throats! Get rid of it with a Stanley Knife and this Simple Hack…

Hey Anti-Vaxxers there’s bacteria in your throats! Get rid of it with a Stanley Knife and this Simple Hack…

13th February 2019 Off By Tuckered

As a kid I’d watch Star Trek The Next Generation after tea with my dad, he isn’t massively into Sci-Fi but back then entertainment around that time of the evening seemed to be a carousel of that, Roseanne and Neighbours.

As a result I had a burning passion to find out what sloppy Joes and Utes were, as well as dreaming about a future of peace, instant magic food, teleportation and androids.

It’s 2019 now and what did we get? Super Noodles which are sort of like a magic food, mobile phones which are just like the communicators on Star Trek, and the internet which is pretty much the same as the all knowing ship’s computer.

So what did we use the internet for? To enrich our knowledge, to find out more about our environment, to embrace other cultures and learn each others languages, reaching out to one another accross the void to become one beautiful consciousness?

Did we fuck, we wanked, shared food pictures, laughed at cats, and spread debunked misinformation from long since exposed charlatans as idiot facts.

We’re fucking pathetic and we don’t deserve nice things. We wanted to have flying cars by now but what did we get? Fucking TB and Mumps, all because of vacuous twat-spackers who believe anything written down.

Maybe these cunts will save humanity in a massive twist of irony, after all, we must be due a good fucking cull?

This planet is more over populated than a kebab shop at 2am, we need a good clear out.

Going off my predictions from 2016 I’d have thought Kim and Trump would have seen to that, but no, they had to be awkward and get along didn’t they?

So, this is for the anti-vaxxers who read this far and haven’t yetvslit their throats, your flat world needs you! Keep being fucking morons and putting everyone at risk. Save our disc!

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