Chris Grayling Becomes Battleship World Champion

Chris Grayling Becomes Battleship World Champion

13th February 2019 Off By Tuckered

Let’s be honest, if there was something this prick would be good at, it would be a game Battleship. You can’t shoot down what doesn’t exist.

Chris Grayling is about as useful as a fucking fire blanket in a swimming pool, if Theresa sent him away to sell a cow he’d come back with invisible magic beans.

Was this prick in charge of the ferry to the Fyre festival too?

May wants to deliver Brexit, but she can’t even deliver good news when she’s surrounded by forever fodded, wry smiling, incompetent cunts like this.

14 million quid on a ferry company with no ships and less ports than my smart phone.

How does that even fucking happen?

Hey Chris, wanna buy a massive clock? It’s near where you work but its having some maintenance done on it at the min, as soon as it’s finished it’s yours though for a cool 5 million. It’s worth at least double.

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