I knew he’d betray us! He was supposed to save us all but now he’s thrown us all under the Brexit bus

I knew he’d betray us! He was supposed to save us all but now he’s thrown us all under the Brexit bus

7th February 2019 0 By Tuckered

I by no means worship at the altar of Jeremy Corbyn. At times he even infuriates me in his parliamentary approach.

No, I don’t care if he doesn’t wear Armani, he could wear a fucking sack with matching sandals for I care, it just angers me when he fucks up at least one word in every sentence at the despatch box .

You’re fucking reading it Jezza, how can you keep fucking it up?

Then there’s that determined voice, eeking its way out of 70 year old bellows to be heard over a rabble of chuntering cunts, getting louder and louder despite the house falling silent, till he just sounds like a distressed dalek in a fucking cave.

But now he’s betrayed us remainers apparently, and crushed the spirit of millions of youngsters. Yes, he’s fucking shat all over the memory of that heady summer of 2016.

If only it were so black and white eh? Corbyn was in a pretty shitty situation from the off, there are 6 million brexiter Labour voters and he has to try and please those significant numbers too.

But now, many in his own party are turning against him because of his offer of an olive branch to May.

But let’s look at the facts;

Pushers of the Peoples Vote asked him to call a vote of no confidence in the government, in order to push for a General Election, or second referendum for when the house voted with him, which he did! But he lost, which effectively gave May a new mandate.

So, a General Election isn’t happening, May refuses to rule out no deal, hasn’t postponed article 50, and insists on going back to Brussels with her same shit deal over and over again in this dull and embarrassing Groundhog day we’ve all been forced to wearily endure.

We are going to crash out in 50 days, and as far as I can see, Corbyn’s new demands would keep us pretty much as closely aligned with the EU as we already are, preventing a fucking catastrophe.

Every other avenue appears to be exhausted regardless of how much we all shout ‘People’s Vote’.

So in my opinion he’s making the best of a bad situation and actually showing some balls after months of inactivity and jeering accross the benches, but the minute he does something constructive, everyone jumps on him. He’s damned either way.