I asked my readers what they hate the most and it turns out it’s you

I asked my readers what they hate the most and it turns out it’s you

6th February 2019 2 By Tuckered

My readers have taste so I’m inclined to agree with them, people are cunts. I’m a cunt, you’re a cunt, we’re all fucking cunts.

There’s slow moving time rapists, mouth breathing chew spitters, space invaders, fucking low talking mumble cunts, the list goes on…

Vegans, people who use the word bacon unnecessarily, people who use, like, Americanisms. Fucking Americans.

There’s the perpetually fauxtraged, the forever offended, and the bleeding hearted virtue signallers – No, I don’t care how many fucking donkeys died in the manufacturing process of my shoes, fuck off.

People who say ‘fat shaming’ – You’re obese, big isn’t beautiful, you’re going to die prematurely, you fat cunt.

Old people, young people, people who say I’m a millenial, I’m pre dial up you cunts.

The people who wrote The Big Bang Theory, the people in The Big Bang Theory, viewers of The Big Bang Theory, Mrs. cunting Brown’s Boys fans.

Those who look down on people worse off than them and the less than 5% of benefit claimants who are bonfide work-shy, lazy cunts, who give credence to that fucking argument.

Tory voters, Lib Dem voters pretending they have a conscience by throwing their vote away, fucking Labour voters – He’s not the Messiah, he’s just a bit awkward at best, still, he’s the lesser evil in this trinity of cunts so crack on.

People who value possessions over morals, cyclists, bus drivers, drivers, motorcyclists and pedestrians.

People who won’t make eye contact, people who dissolve your soul with a stare, did I mention fucking tories?

Brexiters, runners, people who go on date nights and waste them photographing food, fucking cat owners.

Wine connoisseurs who’d drink fucking Vimto and anti-freeze if it had a £300 price tag, people who move their knee up and down rapidly for no reason.

Homophobes, racists, people who slurp their soup.

People who absorb The Daily Mail like the big fucking hate sponges they are, before regurgitating its contents by orally shitting out bile filled bollocks pellets.

Katie Hopkins, Piers Morgan, fucking mother Theresa, people who say “um” and tories.

Homeopathy enthusiasts, horoscope readers and people who genuinely like the taste of water.

People who force you to watch shit Youtube videos on their phones, and people who just assume they can touch your phone when you return the favour.

I could go on but this is eating into valuable time which could be better spent hating people on TV.