Martial law – What are they going to do, hug us to death, force us to eat an all vegan diet?

Martial law – What are they going to do, hug us to death, force us to eat an all vegan diet?

27th January 2019 0 By Tuckered

Fuck me, I’m literally shitting bricks at the prospect of a no-deal Brexit now.

Imagine a million angry remainers killing and looting their way through your town, barely contained by a bunch of avocado snorting, perpetually offended, non-dairy yoghurt downing Millenials.

Oh that’s right, you cant, because remainers won’t be rioting, just tutting a lot as we toss 300 packs of fucking Super Noodles into our shopping baskets.

Brexiters wouldn’t be rioting either that’s for sure, because maximum destruction of the UK in a minimum amount of time is what the fucking Express told them they want.

It’s beyond absurd now, even I can see this an empty, fear-mongering, threat on behalf of Whitehall.

It’s not going to work! Don’t you get it? Shit like this isn’t going to deter hard leavers from leaving hard, if anything it’s only going to strengthen their resolve.

The more of this rhetoric we hear, the more likely it is that you will have actual riots if we get anything other than a no fucking deal.

The government are playing a dangerous game here, because, if they ultimately do make the right decision by the country, they will genuinely need to implement Martial law, because that’s when ‘the majority’ will really show their teeth and go after them, ‘the enemies of the people’, egged on from the side lines by a bile filled, hate mongering, cheer leading press. Good luck.

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