Why are we still debating if a man who slept with kids in a place called Neverland was a nonce or not?

Why are we still debating if a man who slept with kids in a place called Neverland was a nonce or not?

26th January 2019 2 By Tuckered

Jacko fans are fucking weird, and I’m not talking about people who like Billy Jean, or can appreciate a decent moon walk.

I’m talking about the blinkered, placard waving pricks, who point blankly refuse to see any duality past Jacko’s talent. Its a bizzare “I like his music so therefore he can do no wrong” state of affairs.

Forget the upcoming documentary with its supposed irrefutable evidence, forget the many accounts of parents leaving their awestruck kids alone with him, Christ, even allow yourself to forget the fact that he had such a bad case of body dysmorphia, that he slowly had his conk surgically removed over a fucking twenty year period.

He was clearly a not right, not a full deck, not a full Schilling, a pasty shy of a picnic, a banana tree, a fucking single glove wearing, face obscuring, screeching, kiddy-fiddling cunt.

His fandom offers a protection afforded to no other celebrity and it’s pretty fucking mainstream. Case in point, if you somehow manage to find ‘I’m the Leader of the Gang’ by Gary Glitter on a pub jukebox, then actually play it, you’d be glassed in about 0.3 seconds flat.

Bang Thriller on by the Pied Paedo though, and people will start shuffling towards you acting like wide eyed zombies. Note: If you’re in a Wetherspoons this may already be the case, you’ll know they’re truly joining in when they start clapping in fucking unison.

Regardless of what you think, ask youself this. Why so many out of court, un-publicised settlements? Enough to make one of the richest artists in the world so broke that he was practically doing car boot sales before he jossed it.

And if you are one of those people still defending him to the hilt, un-liking this page because of this article, and falling out with people who state the bleeding obvious, try and imagine someone praising Jimmy Savile’s charity work now, and denying the hundreds of allegations against him.

You’d think that guy was fucking weird, and that’s exactly what we all think about you.

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