You’re not supposed to do the Bird Box challenge whilst driving the country you mad bint

You’re not supposed to do the Bird Box challenge whilst driving the country you mad bint

17th January 2019 0 By Tuckered

I wanted to just have a rant about the Bird Box challenge, you know, because it’s just more proof that society is getting fucking stupider.

I’d have suggested things like eating a detergent pod at the same to aide navigation, in the hope that we’d lose a few more bell ends, but you can’t get more moronic than a government hell-bent on destroying the country it was elected to protect.

We are hurtling towards a cliff edge in a bus with fucked brakes and ‘We’ll give the NHS £350 million’ daubed on its side in the conductor’s own shit.

It’s being driven by a blindfolded, power hungry, despot, listening to Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash blasting out from a smoking radio, just about drowning out the pleas of her desperate passengers to slow the fuck down.

Just stop you demented shit, you’ve been spouting so much bollocks for so long that you’ve turned into a walking fucking soundbite, its over-written your core programming.

You’re not even a fucking remainer anymore, and everytime a rogue subroutine tries to remind you, your face twitches and you start awkwardly dancing.

You’re like a shit Thanos/Terminator hybrid, intent on murdering half the population as slowly as possible by boring them to fucking death. Resign you cunt.



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