ISIS planning UK wide attack with 3 drones and a kite

ISIS planning UK wide attack with 3 drones and a kite

21st December 2018 Off By Tuckered

Seriously, what the fuck? 700 flights grounded and 110,000 passengers forced to spend their their fucking Christmas holidays in Margate, because of a spotty little gimp with a new toy?

And we’re going to be just dandy after leaving Europe are we? Aye, course we are.

Now I’m no military expert but I reckon I could’ve ended that carnage with my son’s BB gun and a couple of pints inside me.

If that happened in the US, Sgt. Inbred would’ve shot the fucker down with his side arm before you could say incest, yet our police and army couldn’t do anything?

Something smells fishy to me, what kind of message does this send out to countries like China, North Korea and Russia, when one of our busiest airports can be brought down by a single fucking drone?

I don’t profess to be an expert on the matter, but come on! Really? Is that all it fucking takes?

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