If you demonise immigrants and poor people for a decade you get sick bastards celebrating their deaths

If you demonise immigrants and poor people for a decade you get sick bastards celebrating their deaths

6th November 2018 0 By Tuckered

Since the Tories blagged the Lib Dems to sell their souls in the illegal 2010 election (remember all the people turned away from the ballot?) They’ve been on a mission to get you hating people with fuck all.

Over night the previously relatively liberal BBC appeared to turn into a government mouthpiece, like it magically morphed into a pigs arse hole.

Other outlets quickly joined them, and before we knew it, laughing at poverty and mental illness wasn’t strictly reserved for that fury browed cunt, Jeremy Kyle, anymore.

They were all in on the act, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, you name it.

Endless shows highlighting the worst society has to offer, like an old style circus freak show being shat into your eyes from the Tele box in the corner of your superiority tower.

It didn’t matter that these people are a tiny minority, look at their fucking tele!  You work for a living and they’ve got a massive fucking tele.

It wasn’t just poor people who were the villains, Nigel Farage once blamed Polish people for the fucking traffic.

Immigration was debated endlessly and ultimately lead to Brexit.

The Tories gave us a master-class in divide and conquer.

The bankers fucked the economy, the Tories made you pay, and you blamed the poor cunts using food banks.

How can anyone find taking the piss out of the Grenfell Tower disaster in the most crass way remotely funny?

Easy, people who see those with nothing, or those from other countries as inferior, as animals.

This is what you get when you brainwash a nation, you reap what you sow.

6 arrests so far, how many for the people who wanted to save a few grand  on decent cladding at a cost of 72 lives?

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