Only one more night of pet owners whinging

Only one more night of pet owners whinging

5th November 2018 Off By Tuckered

Can you imagine if we were experiencing the Blitz now?

Fuck businesses getting obliterated, houses being demolished, and families being ripped apart.

We’d all be seething on Social Media that fucking Poppy is crying under the stairs again.

We get it, your pets don’t like loud noises, but for Christ’s sake give it a rest and let the kids enjoy some sky lights.

It gets worse every year, calls for fireworks to be banned by the fucking pet police.

“People who let off fireworks should be hanged.”

Alright Barry, calm your tits mate and just give your cat a hug.

I can understand some of the anger, after all bonfire night used to be just that, one night.

But like Halloween, Christmas and anything worth celebrating, it tends to last a full fucking month.

Yes, it’s annoying, but so is the constant fucking moaning.

You know fucks me off? You’re dog crying like a little bitch whilst I’m trying to listen to the bangs.

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